Common Causes Of  Pain From Playing Guitar

Guitar playing is an art very few are able to master,”  But masters also suffer from pain and fatigue of playing for long hours.This is why today we are putting this article explaining common causes of  pain from playing of guitar and how you can save yourself from pain.

This Article will help you to find the common cause for pain and also help you to understand what you are doing wrong while practicing your guitar.


    Play Guitar in shorter stints to save yourself from bruised fingers and painful shoulders. 



Cause #1 Improper Posture

Improper posture puts too much strain on your shoulders, back, arms, elbow and wrists. This can lead to pain and repetitive strain injuries.

Practice guitar in front of a mirror to watch your posture and relax excess tension.

Cause #2 Applying excessive pressure with your hands

Avoid pressing down more than necessary on the guitar strings. Only use just enough  effort to produce a clear tone- no more.

This will not only help your fingers but also will help the sound output become natural and pleasing.


Cause #3 Not warming up properly (or at all)

When you don’t warm up, you are more likely to get yourself injured. Take the time to warm up, especially during cold weather .

This will help you get most out of your practice and also help you avoid discomfort and pain.

Cause #4 Playing for long period of time

Playing guitar for long period of time with insufficient breaks in between will lead to fatigue.

Take a 10 minute break after every 45 minutes of practicing.This prevent physical injury and gives your mind a chance to rest, so you can practice more efficiently.


Cause #5 You are not getting enough sleep

While this may astonish you but, not getting enough sleep is one major cause of inconvenience and will hamper your practice.

When you sleep, your body recovers and repairs. Sleep deprivation robs your body of it’s healing and makes injury more likely. Sleep for minimum 6-8 hours for optimum recovery.

Cause #6 You have a prior injury(non-guitar related)

There  may be a prior non guitar related injury that is aggravated while practicing guitar and causing you inconvenience.

Do not ever play through pain! If you every feel pain or discomfort while playing guitar, stop and rest. 


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