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Best Electric Guitars under 500 In 2020

Do you aspire to become a great guitar player someday? If you do, then you need to invest in a good guitar, preferably an electric one because it’s more convenient as compared to an acoustic one. However, you can get one with both functionalities-which is even better.

Before you start looking for an electric guitar, you should bear in mind that some electric guitars are more complex and pricier than others. Therefore, if you are just starting out on the artistry journey, it’s advisable that you choose an electric guitar for beginners that fits in your budget.

Perhaps you are now wondering, “Which is best electric guitar for beginners in 2019 for a person who’s tight on budget?” Fortunately, you are in the right place; we’ll answer your question within a short while. After extensive research and testing of a wide array of electric guitars on sale recently, we’ve managed to come with a list of the best five under $500 electric guitars for beginners.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at these guitars and explain to you why they are our ideal picks. Let’s go!

1. Cordoba C5-CETBK Electric Classical Guitar

If you are a classical guitar enthusiast, Cordoba C5-CETBK Electric Classical Guitar could be your real deal.  With 50mm nut width, the guitar is quite sleek for easy playability.

When it comes to sound production, the guitar is on point, thanks to The Fishman Isys+ 2band pickup system.  The amplified sound that comes from the system is rich and natural, making the guitar idea for not only gigging but also recording.

Whether plugged into a power source or not, Cordoba C5-CETBK sounds fantastic with just the right bass for excellence in your performances. Besides, the solid Canadian cedar top, the mahogany back and side construction and the jet-black finish give the guitar has an alluring, natural, classic look.

2. Kremona Soloist Series S65C Classical Guitar

Like Cordoba C5-CETBK, Kremona Soloist Series has a hard cedar top for richness, warmth and long-term durability. It has a soft touch, deep sound, and a beautiful polyurethane finish.

The guitar’s tone (both highs and lows) and the intonation are impressive and this is attributed to it sapele back and sides. Unlike some other mediocre guitars with jagged fret ends, this one has all of it well finished.

With an African mahogany neck, wood fiber binding Indian rosewood fingerboard and Indian Rosewood Bridge, nearly any budding guitarist would be proud to be associated with this elegant musical instrument.

3. Yamaha CGX122MSC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha CGX122MSC  is a full-size classical guitar with high sound quality and performance as well as excellent playability. It is among the top electric guitars priced less than $500.  As for the looks, although it is not glossy, the guitar is still attractive with Nato back and sides, hard spruce top and minimal wood treatment.

Yamaha CGX122MSChas a plastic inbuilt rosette for excellent playability while the lower action is very noticeable. You simply can’t enough of playing this Yamaha guitar.

4. Alvarez AC65HCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Alvarez AC65HCE is part of  Alvarez’s New Artist Series. If you care about looks, this Chinese-made guitar won’t let you down; it features beautiful glossy finishes. All of the components of this guitar are made of natural materials, from real bone saddles and nuts to rosewood appointments.

The neck is easy to finger and its B-Band pickup system sounds very clear on a compatible amplifier. The guitar also sounds incredible when not amplified. It has a warm and mellow timbre and each of its nylon string produces a well-balanced sound against others and continues to ring for a long time after plucking. As such, it is a cool electric guitar for beginners.

5. Cordoba C7 SP Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

Cordoba C7 Classical Guitar features a solid European spruce top and high-gloss finish while its back and sides are made of Indian rosewood. The bridge and fingerboard are of rosewood construction.  An-all natural piece!

The center of the soundboard vibrates well and is highly responsive to the string tension as a result of the ample surface area provided by the fan bracing pattern of the guitar. The high responsiveness of the soundboard improves the tone and makes the guitar louder.

Should you buy this guitar, you won’t have to incur further costs for a carrying bag because it comes with a Cordoba gig bag out of the box.  Cordoba C7 SP is suitable for beginner and intermediate guitarists.

Wrapping up

Choosing the best electric guitar in 2019 shouldn’t be a hassle now that you’ve had from reliable tips from unbiased experts. Rest assured that you can’t go wrong with any of the above types if you are beginner guitarist.