Danelectro could be a complete of musical instruments and accessories, based in New Jersey in 1947. the corporate is understood primarily for electrical guitars and bass guitars that used distinctive styles and producing processes.

Danelectro Guitars was supported in 1947 with the initial goal of manufacturing the best quality electrical guitars through innovative construction and materials.

The modern Danelectro vary at Gear4music showcases the most effective of Dano aptitude, offering genuine quality and style at an affordable price.

The clearly retro and unconventional styles of Danelectro guitars sets them except the remainder.

Design touches such as the unique ‘Dolphin’, ‘Coke Bottle’ or ‘Full Bell’ headstocks, contrasting side tape and bold finishes give these guitars an almost outlandish vibe. 

Add to this their rich, characterful tones and smooth playability and it’s easy to see why the Danelectro range has found favour with many modern guitarists.

One of Danelectro’s most popular guitars is the Hodad. Recognized worldwide for their quirky style, the Danelectro Hodad consists of two pairs of lipstick pickups and quality electronics to give you a killer guitar without draining your bank account. 

For players looking to recapture the sounds of instrumental-surf guitar greats, the Danelectro Spring King reverb will give you the warmth, depth and richness of a vintage reverb unit, and is highly recommended for both amateur and professional recording.

Surviving till 1969, the complete was brought back by associate unrelated company within the late Nineteen Nineties.

Danelectro additional hollow-bodied guitars, made of particle board and poplar to avoid wasting prices and increase production speed, desiring to manufacture essential guitars of fairly sensible tone at low value

These instruments were branded either as Danelectro or for Sears as Silvertone, distinguished by the Silvertone maroon vinyl covering, and also theDanelectro pastel tweed covering.

The guitars used concentric stacked tone/volume knobs on the two-pickup models of eachseries and “lipstick-tube” pickups, that contained the pickup elements within metal tubes.

Today, Danelectro primarily styles and imports impact pedals. They market eight pedals lines: original effects, fabulous effects, mini effects, vintage effects, Wasabi effects, fabric effects, Cool Cat effects and different miscellaneous effects. 

All run on nine potential unit batteries or power adapters. the first effects featured metal enclosures and transistor shift.

In 2006, Danelectro began commercialism a carrying case that holds up to 5 mini effects. once the player is prepared to play, the highest is also removed and also the bottom acts as a pedal board. 

It’s since been out of print. shortly once, another carrying case was developed to suit 5 fabulous or Cool Cat pedals, likewise as serve within the pedal board perform likewise.

List of Popular Danelectro players

  • Steve Earle
  • Dave Edmunds
  • John Entwistle used a beef cattle bass within the 1960s"[14]
  • Melissa Etheridge
  • Mark Joseph Oliver Everett from Eels plays a spread of various colored Danelectro professional fifty six and a black Danelectro Baritone.
  • Ira Kaplan
  • King Buzzo uses a Danelectro in the studio.[17]
  • Kira used a Danelectro stringed instrument in concerts from concerning 2004-2007.[18]
  • Mark Knopfler


  • Double cutaway Shorthorn shape
  • Semi-hollow body with center block
  • Composite/Plywood construction
  • Scale length: 25″
  • Fretboard Radius: 14″
  • Neck Shape: C
  • Nut: 1.65″
  • Neck Joint: Bolt-on
  • Neck Wood: Maple with double acting truss rod
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Number of frets: 21
  • Wraparound bridge
  • Tuners: 3 on a side
  • Hardware: Nickel
  • 1 dual humbucking Lipstick® bridge pickup
  • 1 vintage vogue giant housing single coil neck pickup
  • 1 master volume
  • 1 master tone (with push pull switch to separate bridge pickup)
  • 3 way pickup switch


  • The neck in particular, especially the fret ends. It is well set-up.
  • The finish is flawless,
  • the tuners and hardware pretty good.
  • Fully adjustable 12 string bridge


  • The only thing cheap looking are the knobs - they could do a lot better on these for a buck or two.
  • Since the guitar is in high demand you have to wait a little longer to get it delivered to your home


The guitar has an average rating of 5 out of 5.0. The response from the customer has been splendid and seems to fulfill their expectations to a large extent.


The company provides a bonus option to come back the instrument at intervals seven days if they do not appear to be proud of the service or quality with the whole refund. No queries area unit progressing to be asked but however constructive criticism area unit progressing to be most welcomed by our customers.


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Final words

I am find it truly a lot for the money. It is finished off surprisingly well, the neck in particular, especially the fret ends. It is well set-up, and I doubt the set-up could be improved. The finish is flawless, and the tuners and hardware pretty good. The only thing cheap looking are the knobs - they could do a lot better on these for a buck or two.

When it comes to reviving the spirit of rock n roll formative years, you'll be hard pressed to find a company as dedicated as Danelectro. Specializing in retro designs and cool vintage tones, Danelectro never forgot the styles and sounds that made them so renowned and trusted throughout the 50's and early-to-mid 60's. Today, Danelectro products are used by everyone from rockabilly headcases to garage rock riffers.

You'll find no shortage of exceptionally crafted guitars, basses and effects throughout the Danelectro catalog, and as most owners of Danelectro products will tell you, it's easy to get addicted to everything they develop. Whether it's a reissue of their DC-59 guitar or their series of highly enjoyable mini-pedals and FAB effects, Danelectro offers a tone that's all their own, and their experienced team of manufacturers are passionate about making durable instruments and effects affordable to musicians of all skill levels.

Danelectro also constructs remarkable mini-amps, and the Hodad ll DH-2 mini amp packs a mighty wallop for its compact size. Extremely portable and easy to use, this amp is a perfect solution to enjoying Danelectro's classic sound without shaking every picture off the wall.

Modern spins on retro concepts, that's what Danelectro is all about. Whether you've been playing for years or you've just started to learn a few chords, fans of early rock'n'roll can forever count on Danelectro to provide them with timeless designs and superior tone.

Overall, the guitar is a treat to eyes and ears.


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