This Grote Electric Guitar is a recognized brand all around the world and even at a lower price range, it has a lot of competitive features.

This guitar has a maple body and a rosewood fretboard. It also has a 3-way switch and 2 volume controls – great for anyone who wants to experience the features of a moderately priced guitar at an affordable price.

GROTE Musical Instrument CO.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of “GROTE” electric guitars and acoustic guitars .They take advantage of the advanced imported equipment and modern technology to research , develop, and produce five series of products electric guitars , electric basses, acoustic guitars ,electric-acoustic guitars and amplifiers which perfectly meet the international standard.

They establish their own brand “GROTE” which integrates delicate craft, scientific products structure and the spirit of many world famous brands. At present , their company produces electric and acoustic guitars of over 200 models and different grades , and guarantee perfect craft, modern design , comfortable handing , clear sound and excellent playability . They are also well capable of processing with supplied design , samples ,materials, or parts and components. These guitars have been exported to many countries and areas , such as USA, Germany, Brazil, Russia and UK etc.,thus attract great attention of many foreign corporations..

Some don’t consider them traditional jazz guitars, but many jazz guitarists prefer them. And unorthodox isn’t a bad thing in jazz. Famous jazz guitarists who play or played them include Ted Greene, Mike Stern, and Ed Bickert.
Solid bodies are smaller and more straightforward. They’re more durable, there’s no feedback, and they can achieve more modern tones and bridge genres. Some of the world’s best jazz guitars are solid bodies. They’re great choices unless you have a different idea of what jazz looks and sounds like.


  • Mahogany Body; Maple Neck
  • 25.5" Scale Length, 22 Frets, 42mm Nut Width
  • 2H pickups,1V 1T 3-Way Selector Switch
  • Tremolo Bridge


  • The guitar weighs 8.82 pounds
  • Its package dimensions are 47.2 * 15.8 * 7.9 inches
  • The shipping weight is 8.82 pounds


The Grote Guitar is a top-shelf bang-for-your-buck solidbody electric guitar. Its mahogany body exhibits impressive balance and resonance. A duo of Infinity R humbuckers delivers a range of fierce, high-output tones. A smooth-playing neck lends itself to fast action. 

Engage in serious dive-bombing and other whammy acrobatics with the Grote guitars standard tremolo. Burgeoning rockers searching for a quality electric guitar owe it to themselves to check out this amazing guitar.

A guitar is only as playable as its neck. Good thing the Grote Guitar has a smooth and fast-playing maple neck. This comfortable neck is capped by a rosewood fingerboard with a super-flat 25.5 “ scale length and 22 frets, giving you the agility to execute fast single-note runs with ease.
From huge dive-bombs to subtle vibrato to stutter-like warbling, the Grote’s tremolo is ready for anything you throw at it. When not in use, the tremolo is solid and in tune; when in use it does your bidding down to the microtone. Whether you need the trem for cool ’50s-era dips or massive metal dives, the Guitar is ready.


  • The strings are pretty far from the frets
  • The guitar is in high demand so you might have to wait a little longer for getting it delivered.


The guitar has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.0. The response from the customer has been splendid and seems to fulfill their expectations to a large extent. You can access customer reviews from following URL:


The company provides a bonus option to come back the instrument at intervals seven days if they do not appear to be proud of the service or quality with the whole refund. No queries area unit progressing to be asked but however constructive criticism area unit progressing to be most welcomed by our customers.


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