Which size would be the most suitable and convenient for me?

This is the foremost question or doubt in anyone's mind before buying a guitar or setting your budget.

With advanced technologies and growing passion for guitars the companies have started to produce various guitars ranging in shape,size and material.

Before moving on the size of guitar let's first have a quick look at the types of guitars available.


These are the most common choice of guitar for beginners. They were developed to play classical or spanish-style flamenco music, but can be used for any style, really. The guitars have nylon strings and a smaller Acoustic hole to amplify vibrations. They are lightweight, small and easier to play, with a mellower sound than traditional acoustic guitars.

These guitars are also suitable for children as they are available in small sizes (½ and ¼ ) which makes it perfect for them also. These types of guitars are usually cheaper so they make a perfect choice for beginners. But also high end guitars of this category are really expensive and designed for professional purposes.

These guitars resemble classical guitars but they have a distinctive feature which makes it different from classical guitars which is their steel strings which makes their sound more louder and therefore are made of heavy material to hold sound. They come in a variety of slightly different shapes such as dreadnought, grand concert, jumbo etc.

Brands such as Tanglewood, Yamaha, Fender and Epiphone are some of the UK’s most popular brands, due to their exceptional value for money and build quality.

These guitars are used on most Acoustic songs we listen today.

Well, the word electro itself describes that this guitar gives much more digital convenience in playing them. These look same as Acoustic guitar but these can be plugged into an amplifier, effects pedal and other recording equipment. They’re just more versatile – fitted with pickups, a microphone or transducers. 

This main feature in them makes them more convenient to give live performances or play with some other artists.

Electric guitars do not include a sound hole for acoustic amplification, but produce their sound solely from electricity, converting the string vibrations into electrical audio signals. Which means you can’t just buy an electric guitar to strum it like an acoustic, because you’ll need to also buy at least a cable and a guitar amplifier.


If you aren’t sure what type to get, think about the kind of bands or music that your child listens to. If you or your child likes musicians like Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes or Taylor Swift, an acoustic or classical style may be a great place to start.. Most beginners don't prefer to buy or need an acoustic-electric unless they are planning to use it for their performance in front of an audience as it would need the amplification for amplified sound effects and great music.

Choosing between an acoustic or an electric is probably the most critical and confusing that will hit anyone's mind. If you want an electric and your parents get you an acoustic or vice versa, it will make learning to play more difficult since you may not be able to stay motivated to play.

Once you have learned to play one type, you can always easily switch to others, but it is best to start on what will keep you motivated to learn.

Also, do not buy the most expensive guitar and neither the vice versa. Expensive guitar have excellent features and quality but you won't need unless you are a big performer. Similarly, buying the cheapest guitar would also not help you as there are many cheap guitars which are called guitars just for the name sake otherwise they barely pass the criteria to be called a real guitar. Try to get a decent quality brand like Yamaha, Fender (or at least their budget brand Squier, Epiphone (Gibson’s budget brand) or Cordoba.

Finally, check the size and feel of any model you are thinking about purchasing. Just because teens can generally play most full-sized guitars, they may not always be the best option. If you are on the smaller side or have little hands, you may find it more comfortable to play a smaller sized style. If you are looking at acoustic designs the dreadnought styles can be pretty big, so you should test out whatever styles you may be considering. The other thing to keep in mind is the weight; some of the Epiphones are on the heavy side you should watch out for that.


There are two main ways in which you can measure any guitar of your choice. The first and most simple way is to measure the total length of the guitar from end to end. The second way is to measure  the scale length of the guitar.

  • While measuring the total length of the guitar one needs to measure the length which starts from headstock of the guitar to the end of the body of the guitar.

    In simple words, one needs to measure the length from one end of the guitar to the tiger end of the guitar.

    However, calculating the length by this method isn't accurate or one can say the best way to determine the size of the guitar and the length of headstock differs in many guitars which will take off the measurements while playing them. So, it won't be a good way to determine the size.
  • The scale length of the guitar is the most crucial measure for a guitar because it impacts how a guitar feels when you play it. Minor differences in the length of scales create a huge difference while playing them.

    The scale length is measured by measuring the length from the end of the bridge of the guitar to the guitar’s nut where strings are attached.

    As stated earlier, the first method isn't accurate and this way known as far is considered the most accurate to find the size of the guitar. Also, it needs to be taken care of that small change in scale length will be having huge impact in sound so the measurement should be taken carefully.


In general, ¼ size guitar which is 77×27 cm in size is best suitable for 2-5 years old for its small size. ½ size guitar which is 86×30 cm in size is convenient for 5-8 years old.

¾ size guitar which is 92×34 cm in size is suitable for 8-13 years old. The last 44 size guitar which is 100×38 cm in size is perfect for 12 years old or more.

But here is in- depth knowledge about the most suitable size for you.

Right size of Guitar for child

The size of a guitar makes a huge difference to a child. A full-sized dreadnought acoustic guitar can be impossible for a small child to play. The bodies of the Acoustic Guitars are heavily built so it will be heavy for a child to handle it.

1/2 and 3/4 sized guitars are commonly used for children as they’re far easier to play. Small size guitars are perfect for kids as they are lightweight and also it makes it easy for them to reach the fretboard easily.

There’s no one-solution fits all when it comes to musical instrument, and it always comes down to personal tastes.

Guitar for an adult

Having your arm raised as high as your shoulder to reach over the guitar can become uncomfortable and at worst painful. In this condition reaching to the first fret throw you under a great disadvantage which might not be known to beginners or who are novice to this field. Your muscles are already so much stretched out  which makes it difficult to properly move your fingers on the fingerboard. In General, adults are comfortable with full size guitars (40” Concert size and 41” Dreadnought in acoustic guitars). If you are small in stature consider a 40” Concert size guitar or smaller. If your are very tall considering a 41” Dreadnought size guitar would be best for you.

Also, choosing the type of guitar plays a very important role while buying a guitar. It might be different for every person as there is no rule to choose it.

But this can’t be denied that playing the guitar that interests you for any reason will definitely keep you going longer and satisfied while playing. A singer or one who interest in mellow laid back style music may prefer acoustic guitar or nylon string classical guitar. Rock, new country, blues or jazz music gets best in their own versions at an electric guitar. Playing live performance is mostly preferred with electro-acoustic guitar than any other. Mostly beginners you have never played a guitar before in their life and want to give it a try prefer a classical guitar as it is cheap and very easy to play. Also, it briefs up you about them and rewards you skills.

However, as mentioned earlier there is no thumb rule to choose one can go and try various Guitars and choose from them. Getting more knowledge and experience in this field will make you well aware to differentiate between guitars and the best for you.


It is very difficult to find a good mix of price and quality. One needs to be very careful in their choices.

Whether you are on a strict budget or just want something to bash around on, if you are in the market for ‘the best cheap acoustic guitar’, it’s important to try out as many as you can – in particular the models you are considering purchasing.

Here are some pocket friendly guitars based on research and observations which might help you to get a clearer picture or help you in your selection.

This guitar stands at the top position in the pocket friendly guitars.

The body of the guitar is solid mahogany top and sides with Dreadnought body. Neck is also composed of mahogany. The rosewood bridge and fretboard gives this guitar distinctive look.

In producing the Artwood Series, Ibanez has respected both the rich tradition of the acoustic guitar while adding modern interpretations in their continuing search for the ultimate guitar tone.

The Open Pore Natural finish shows off the guitar’s naturally rich woodgrain.

The guitar is finished off with a tortoise shell pickguard and chrome die-cast tuners.

Yamaha’s standard acoustic model, with simple and traditional looks and outstanding quality, at an affordable price.

The Solid Sitka Spruce Top and nato back and sides of the guitar gives it a classy look. The guitar is also highlighted with Diecast tuners and an adjustable truss rod.

The guitar body is composed of mahogany material with fixed guitar bridge system.

The 800 Series features a new scalloped bracing pattern; an ideal acoustic structure that maintains the durability of the top board, while bringing out more of the natural sound of the instrument.

This guitar distinctively features a 14-degree headstock that gives you more pressure at the nut.

The fingerboard of the DR-100 is constructed from rosewood and has a selected spruce top.

The body is purely made from mahogany material. The company provides you with finishes which are available in ebony, natural and vintage sunburst.

Epiphone DR-100, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar With Guitar Belt,Plectrums & Gig Bag.

The solid Spruce top and Thunderflex scalloped bracing create a guitar top that ‘breathes’ more, resulting in greater projection when playing those big power chords. Multi-ply binding, a soft cornered bridge, and die-cast tuners give you a reliable guitar that will last for years.

These great features plus an easy to play neck profile give you what can easily become your next ‘main’ guitar.

The guitar has a rosewood fretboard and bridge with Diecast tuners.


This guitar is one of the best Acoustic guitars with affordable price from Ibanez.

The guitar is listed under Amazon’s Choice too. The body is composed from mahogany with spruce top material. Rosewood fretboard and fixed guitar system is also featured in this guitar.


This Rogue RA-090 guitar is an ideal instrument for the beginner, or young musician.

This ultra-affordable dreadnought acoustic guitar features a whitewood body this brings mid range tones. The nato neck in the guitar adds sustain to the guitar’s body.

The RA-90 also features nickel hardware and covered tuners.


This Yamaha guitar is built with legendary quality and playability the FG series. This is designed for younger players with the best selection of material.

A fun, portable, easy to play guitar with some nice tones.



Squier Affinity Stratocaster SSS

The Squier by Fender Affinity Series Stratocaster comes equipped with three Single-Coil Stratocaster style pickups which provide the timeless Strat tone which has graced countless recordings.

The smooth station "C" shaped neck is designed so that the player feels the direct connection to the hard rock maple.

The guitar has Vintage-Style Synchronized tremolo bridge which provides a classic Strat shimmer.

There is a lot more in this guitar which you can check out through the link below. The guitar definitely deserves to be on top of this list.

Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Epiphone's number one selling model LP Special II is a great way for beginners to get started on guitar while getting the feel and tone of a Les Paul.

The okume body and nickel hardware gives perfect combination for this guitar.

One must check this one out this amazing Guitar with such an affordable price which is available to you by this amazing company.

Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012

This new entry-level model offers a comprehensive specification, with a quality of craftsmanship and tone that belies its budget price tag.

This is available in agathis or Nato body material with rosewood fretboard.

This guitar gives amplified sounds and has superior quality.

It is a versatile guitar, priced perfectly and lives upto it's brand reputation.


The EC10KIT BLK is featured with Basswood Body with a Maple Neck and Rosewood Fingerboard. This guitar meets all its expectations from the buyers and is made of high quality material.

If you are looking for a stable guitar with decent sound and music with supreme quality material then this would be perfect for you.

The price also offers a valuable deal to the customers.

Squier Bullet Mustang HH

The Pint-Sized Power Perfect for the raucous sound of indie music, the Bullet Mustang HH is just plain fun to play.

A tonal powerhouse that punches well above its weight. Also the Bullet Mustang HH would be ideal instrument to power your next hit.

It is a one piece guitar with C shaped neck. If you are interested in buying this with these much specifications then you will be amazed to look more features of this guitar.

Fender Squier Bullet Mustang HH 6-String Electric Guitar - Laurel Fretboard - Imperial Blue

Jackson JS22 Dinky

The Jackson JS22 Dinky solidbody electric guitar was made to create sonic mayhem. This guitar serves massive tone and shocking sustainability.

The lightweight and resonant basswood Dinky body conveys it's instant attitude. The worth for your buck that Dinky offer is amazing.

Jackson JS22 Arch Top Dinky Electric Guitar, Satin Black

Squier Affinity Telecaster

The Squier Affinity Telecaster features the traditional aesthetic style with modern and developed functionality.

The guitar provides with punchy and vibrant tonal output because of its ideal shape.

This guitar features an array of finishes to choose according to your style and needs.


  • Squier SA-150N

Dreadnought guitar with great tones that has plenty of mojo and won’t break the bank.

The guitar includes distinctive features like the “X” bracing, black neck and body binding, comfortable “C”-shaped neck profile, 20 frets, single-ply black pickguard and chrome tuners. It is also available in natural finish.

Combination Rotable Bass & Guitar Instrument

By increasing competitions and Innovations only the best music is preferred by everyone. It has become difficult to compete as everyone has various opportunities and platforms to equip knowledge.

By equipping a bass or guitar player with a bimodal instrument the overall creativity of the musician is enhanced. This new invention has become a need for musicians nowadays.

An electric guitar prototype was created which features a four string electric bass on one side and also has an opposing six string electric guitar on the other side. The instrument reassembles conventional designs except the center section of the instrument is rotable as desired to access the opposing instrument. This instrument was patented in 2013. A YouTube video was released to the public in 205 in order to showcase the product in action and make public well aware. It has garnered several thousand hits with numerous positive viewer feedback comments and inquiries on where it can be purchased.

The invention is not commercially available because of several reasons but it is believed that once it does it’s commercial popularity will soar. For example a band is playing a song the bass player could be playing along as usual, then at a key moment they switch to the guitar side and introduce a lead guitar piece and then switch back to the bass at the appropriate time. The variable combinations are endless allowing the instrumentalist possibilities which do not currently exist in current musical venues. It would give a new era to the music.


  • Although that guitar may look cool online, you may hate the way it feels in your hands. One should always play the guitar before buying it as a good looking guitar can turn out to be ridiculous while playing it. So you must take care of it.
  • You should research the guitar before buying it. This will help you to get knowledge which won't be provided in any features. You will get a transparent picture of the guitar.
  • There is enormous variation in the neck of guitars. The major shapes for the necks are the C-shape, which is more rounded; the V-shape, which is more pointed; and the U-shape which is more squared. The fretboard and also the wood should be considered beforehand only. These are the things which can change your perspective of which guitar to buy.
  • Decide your budget. If you are confused about which range you should go for then you must finalize it first. Each range has thousands of options and you need to cut down on options to make it easier to choose your guitar.
  • Choose the type of guitar you want to buy or play. Different guitars produce different tones and types of music. If you want to get amplified music and you end up buying a classical guitar then it will ruin all your money and you won't get what you desired. Make a clear choice in this.
  • You should know what you are looking the guitar for. Is it to play in front of an audience? Is it to be introduced in the field of music? Whatever it is it directly affects your budget and the type of guitar you should buy. So, know what you want a guitar for.
  • Buying the guitar is only one piece of the puzzle. You will need a few other things to accompany it. Many guitars does not provide accessories. So, you need to decide what all the accessories you will require and how much cost will it add to your budget. If this isn't considered it can add up to unexpected cost and burden.

I recommend not stepping foot into a music store until you have a short list of guitars you want to play. Otherwise going there will add more questions in your mind and you will end up being tangled in this guitar world.


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