Ibanez is a Japanese stringed instrument complete closely-held by Hoshino Gakki. Based mostly in metropolis, Aichi, Japan, Hoshino Gakki were one amongst the primary Japanese instrument firms to achieve a major foothold in import stringed instrument sales within the u. s. and Europe, likewise because the 1st complete of stringed instruments to fabricate the seven-string stringed instrument and eight-string guitar. Ibanez manufactures effects, accessories, amps, and instruments in Japan, China, Dutch East Indies and within the u. s. (at a Los Angeles-based custom shop). As of 2017 they marketed nearly a hundred sixty five models of guitar, a hundred thirty acoustic guitars, and over three hundred electrical guitars.

At Ibanez, there has invariably been a goal to be something however ancient. For over [*fr1] a century, Ibanez has been pushing the planet of stringed instrument producing forward, systematically breaking new ground. It’s this drive that crystal rectifier them to become one amongst the primary Japanese instrument firms to create a reputation for themselves in Europe and North America. With uncomparable commitment to quality, Ibanez Guitars area unit thought-about among the higher echelon by musicians of all enjoying designs around the world.

A quick cross-check a number of the musicians WHO play Ibanez guitars is certain to depart you terribly affected. Artists like Head and Munky of KoRn, Noodles of the Offspring, Mick Thomson of knot, dramatist Dragge of Pennywise, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani all trust their sound to Ibanez guitars. currently it is your intercommunicate do identical. Ibanez makes Associate in Nursing imposingly large choice of guitars, thus you are absolute to be ready to notice one that’s excellent for you here.

The company provides a bonus option to come back the instrument at intervals seven days if they do not appear to be proud of the service or quality with the whole refund. No queries area unit progressing to be asked but however constructive criticism area unit progressing to be most welcomed by our customers.


  • Neck type: GRGA Maple neck
  • Body: Poplar body
  • Fretboard: Rosewood fretboard with White dot inlay
  • Fret: Jumbo Frets
  • Number of frets: 24
  • Bridge: Std. tremolo bridge
  • Neck pickup: Infinity R (H) neck pickup (Passive/Ceramic)
  • Bridge pickup: Infinity R (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Ceramic)
  • Factory tuning: 1E, 2B, 3G, 4D, 5A, 6E
  • String gauge: .009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042
  • Hardware color: Black


The Ibanez GRGA120 is a top-shelf bang-for-your-buck solidbody electric guitar. Its poplar body exhibits impressive balance and resonance. A duo of Infinity R humbuckers delivers a range of fierce, high-output tones. A smooth-playing neck lends itself to fast action. Engage in serious dive-bombing and other whammy acrobatics with the GRGA120’s standard tremolo. Burgeoning rockers searching for a quality electric guitar owe it to themselves to check out the Ibanez GRGA120.
Loaded with a duo of Infinity R humbuckers, the Ibanez GRGA120 yields a range of impressive tones. The neck position humbucker is voiced for warmer, richer tone, while the bridge humbucker is a brilliant lead pickup: vibrant, yet snarling with an enhanced mid range output when you push it. If you’re after maximum tonal tenacity, then the Ibanez GRGA120 will give your amplifier what you need.
A guitar is only as playable as its neck. Good thing the Ibanez GRGA120 has a smooth and fast-playing maple neck. This comfortable neck is capped by a rosewood fingerboard with a super-flat 15.7″ radius and 24 jumbo frets, giving you the agility to execute fast single-note runs with ease.
From huge dive-bombs to subtle vibrato to stutter-like warbling, the Ibanez GRGA120’s tremolo is ready for anything you throw at it. When not in use, the tremolo is solid and in tune; when in use it does your bidding down to the microtone. Whether you need the trem for cool ’50s-era dips or massive metal dives, the Ibanez GRGA120 is ready.


  • The strings are pretty far from the frets
  • The guitar is in high demand so you might have to wait a little longer for getting it delivered.


The company provides a bonus option to come back the instrument at intervals seven days if they do not appear to be proud of the service or quality with the whole refund. No queries area unit progressing to be asked but however constructive criticism area unit progressing to be most welcomed by our customers.


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Final words

Styled in a black night finish, the Ibanez GIO Series GRGA120 electric guitar features a poplar body fashioned in a sleek, double cutaway design. Its bolt-on maple neck has a 25.5" scale, 24 jumbo frets, and a treated New Zealand pine fingerboard with white dot inlay. It's hard to believe that a guitar at such a cheap price would be such a treat to eyes and ears.

For electronics, the guitar utilizes two Infinity R humbucking pickups. Master volume and tone knobs provide control over the guitar's level and timbre, while a 5-way pickup selector switch allows you to choose between the two pickups or blend them.

The GRGA120 is equipped with a standard tremolo bridge and a set of standard tuners. All hardware is black in color, which nicely complements the guitar's finish. With its noteworthy looks, tone, and playability, this instrument boasts the hallmarks of Ibanez quality in an affordable package. The Ibanez GRG120 BKN stringed instrument|guitar} was born out of the fundamental wants for a superior stringed instrument at a reasonable price! and proves a reputation whole guitar does not need to value heaps to sound good!

It has a Poplar body with eternity R pickups in each the bridge and neck positions. The Maple neck options a replacementSjaelland Pine fingerboard with twenty four giant frets and is connected firmly to the body mistreatment four bolts. the quality tremolo bridge is for players UN agency don't desire the hassles of a protection tremolo system.

The popular Ibanez RG series traces its history back to 1987, with the introduction of the Ibanez RG550. RG stands for Roadstarstringed instrument, and it did not take long for the RG to become one among the foremost in style electrical guitars from Ibanez. instrumentalist from totally different enjoying designs were interested in it, however the metal players were the foremost dominant cluster of users.

The Ibanez GRGA 120BKN is for any instrumentalist buying a good worth on an electrical stringed instrument that plays nearly as good because it appearance.


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