Ibanez PS60 Paul Stanley Signature Edition

Buying Guide For Ibanez PS60 Paul Stanley Signature Electric Guitar.


“Music rules the world, it gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind and life to everything.”

Instruments stand by as its harbinger.

Such an instrument is guitar which has blown away almost everyone’s heart especially among millennials.

Today in the era of Rock music, a revolution has been made by the great American guitarist Paul Stanley through his ' Signature Electric Guitars' range. One of a kind is new Ibanez PS60 which must be the first choice for Rock music lovers, who desire for the best without breaking their banks.

Why Ibanez PS60?

Introduced by Ibanez in 2018, signature model of Paul Stanley has been drawing the attention for being the affordable version of PS120. Produced in China, it’s slaying the market with the features it has been endowed with at such an affordable price.

Ibanez has produced many variants in this series like twelve string model, carved top and set-neck versions.

The models vary in materials, electronics and hardware. This series combines vintage style with modern performance with great vibrant sounds.

Key Features of Ibanez PS60 Electric Guitar :

  • Paul Stanley signature model.
  • Uniquely Styled Resonant Poplar Body.
  • Slim Profile Maple Neck with Treated New Zealand Pine Fingerboard.
  • High Output Infinity R Humbucker Pickups.
  • Full Tune III bridge and tailpiece.

Other Specifications-

  • PICKUP :- High Output Infinity R Humbuckers
  • CONTROLS :- Master Tune Master volume
  • BODY :- New Zealand Pine
  • TUNERS:- Diecast
  • HARDWARE:- Chrome Hardware
  • PICKGUARD :- 3ply
  • SCALE LENGTH :- 628 mm
  • Nut width: 43 mm


All these features ensures a soulful rock music with a quite affordable price tag ,which makes it definitely worth purchasing if you are seeking out the best option in the wide range of electric guitars.

You can also buy this limited edition masterpiece only on amazon, by clicking on this link, check on amazon.

It has an average rating of 4.5 on Amazon. Having a splendid response from its users makes one of the most popular electric guitar in Ibanez electric guitar series.


  • It has a comfortable neck which makes it very easy in playing as well as portable.
  • Singature Paul Stanley Version of Guitar
  • The New Zealand Pine finish along with scratch guard makes it perfect to look .
  • Best Choice for Hard-Rock and Alternative-Rock.


  • As it has got a unique shape ,finding a case for this guitar can be a hassle.
  • Absence of Tremolo Bar.

Why it can be a choice without a doubt?

Unique Style

PS60 is a fantastic model when it comes to its modern and super duper stylish look. It’s portable , handy enough to carry along being a first class travel partner. This stylish poplar body, adorned with chrome hardware , has a bottom cutaway that kicks out , and curves in all the right places for comfortable playing.

Best Choice for Hard Rock

Specially designed for Hard Rock and Alternative Rock, it stands as the first choice of 'Rock Music Lovers'. When used in an overdrive patch it completely elevates the music to a next level of ecstasy. It sports two high-output, Infinity R Humbucker pickups for a sound that will let you rock 'n' roll all night.

Premium Quality

PS60 is made of premium quality New Zealand pine which ensures its best quality. The treated New Zealand pine fretboard is unique in that it’s gone through an advanced seasoning process which yields a harder, more durable piece of wood. As a result , it offers enhanced stability while producing a rich warm tone. Being available with a scratch guard , PS60 is endured with protection to the utmost.

Maple Neck

Slim Profile Maple neck allows easy playing, in style of Paul Stanley. Presence of Tone amplifier for tone enhancement , stable tuning keys are the other add-ons for making it a better choice.


High-Output Infinity R Humbuckers with high-output pickups in the bridge and neck positions, this PS60 gives you the power to rock a stadium, the way Paul Stanley has for decades. A pickup selector and three control knobs let you crank up the volume of each pick up individually , and adjust the overall tone however you want.

Provided with high-gain pickups , PS60 has been endowed with a long lasting tone effect.

Low-mids tone in neck pick up is another jewel embedded in it.

Things to Ponder Upon !

The only thing perturbing about the product is the absence of a Tremolo bar which makes its tone still.

If you look for a befitting case for this fashionista guitar, you might face a tad bit problem in searching for one due to its unique and stylish shape.

Is it worth the Price?

Definitely Yes!!!   In fact a big Yes!

If you’re a rock guitarist looking for an awesome , affordable axe that pays homage to one of the greatest front men of all time, the PS60 is the way to go.

The bravado of its body shape is symbolic of Paul Stanley and his music.

He’s a rock icon who deserves a signature model that stands out the way he does.

Ibanez PS60 in Action :

The Bottom Line

Be it style, be it quality or be it that rocking and mesmerizing music, the Ibanez PS60 Paul Stanley Electric Guitar conquers it all.

It’s the best choice for Rock Guitarists who search the best in an affordable price.

Order your Ibanez PS60 Paul Stanley Electric Guitar today from Amazon at guaranteed lowest price with its 45- day return and 60-day price protection policy.


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