The Lágrima Guitarras was born naturally from the dream of the brothers and musicians João and Samuel Lopes to supply the market high-quality instruments at the most reasonable costs, creating currently accessible to musicians the power inheritable over a few years of expertise in numerous music areas.

Lágrima Guitarras could be a Portuguese whole of musical stringed instruments of superior quality with additional affinity to the craftsman created than to the serial production.

For America quality could be a priority, that the tone woods of their guitars are fastidiously and manually chosen for later production in their partners in Portugal and European country. this fashion they mix their distinctive style to the standard of materials and hand-crafted workmanship.

Their guitars have a novel aesthetic that reflects the nobility and exotic materials and natural acoustic properties.

After many years of study and observation they determined to solely use solid woods altogether ranges and models, proposing some uncommon mixtures of instrument key components because the prime, back and sides and neck. They use solely exotic and noble woods with an extended amount of natural air drying of a minimum of seven years; several have over twenty and thirty years.

As the craftsman created every of their guitars are distinctive as a result of they promote the individuality and temperament of every instrument. Perfection is their mission, thus their guitars are designed associated created to supply an exalting expertise with relevancy comfort, harmonic richness, volume, calibration and balance.

The Lagrima Electric Guitar Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start playing almost right away. All it takes is to use the electronic tuner to get the strings in tune, and then you’re good to go. This obviously means you don’t have to hunt around and buy all the separate things.
Lots of starter sets contain some of the essentials, but this one includes them all!. You get to have all the necessary accessories and equipment at this price which seems quite a good deal.


  • SIZE - 39" electric guitar is an Ideal acoustic guitar kit for children and adults who like guitar.
  • MATERIAL - Made to deliver fantastic sound with an all-wood construction, steel strings, and a glossy smooth finish.
  • AMP - It includes guitar and microphone outlet, volume control, treble and base control, and drive button.
  • GUITAR DIMENSIONS - 14.2(L)x5.9(W)x40.4(H)inches,perfect for traveling musicians and easy storage.
  • PRODUCT SERVICE -If there is any questions please feel free to contact the company, their experienced customer service team will respond within 24 hours.


  • Product Dimension are 14.2(L)x5.9(W)x40.4(H)inches
  • guitar Size is 39"
  • Wood back material
  • Wooden fretboard Material
  • Magnetic double coil Guitar Pickup Configuration
  • 6 strings attached
  • Tremolo guitar bridge system

Finger Plate Area

It is made of environment-Friendly wood, the knob gears are easy to tune, fixed pitch, not easy to tune,uses the environmental protection paint, non-toxic tasteless, the bright lacquer surface.

6 Strings

The guitar adopts steel, super strong tension, feel comfortable, deduce perfect timbre,and the guitar music code is rugged, resonant and sensitive, the string will not break off when the string is tight

Guitar Head and Knob

Featured with traditional design, keep intonation more lasting, Steel string and nylon cord free can be switched,meet the requirements of beginners,adjustable knob design, different degrees of elasticity have different tones.

Vibrato System

Metal front suppression vibrato system, high stability, no running strings,package including:1 x nylon case,1 x tuner,3 x picks,1 x strap,1 x set of strings,1 x 20w AMP.

Guitar Speaker

High quality wood panel,perfect speaker, smooth line, excellent resonance effect,made of an all wood construction & steel strings & glossy smooth finished


  • The guitar is rewarded with many necessary accessories which are free of cost. You don't have to pay any extra charges.
  • The guitar is composed of high quality wood and have amplified speaker with very pleasant tunes.
  • This guitar is very good quality for the price and handles well standing or sitting.
  • The neck and frets are nicely designed to allow good finger positioning and accurate chords without much difficulty if you have large hands or smaller ones.
  • It’s designed for the beginner or someone on a budget who wants a guitar to learn or practise with.


  • Amp isnt of very high quality. You might face some issues if you would use it for longer durations.
  • Since the guitar is in high demand you might have to wait a little longer for getting it delivered to your home.


The ratings received for this musical instrument had been splendid and exemplary. It seems that the guitar has been fulfilling the customer expectations much more than expected.

Final words

You will love this beautiful finished electric steel-stringed guitar to complete your performance while sitting out on the porch and singing with your friends is definitely enjoyable and fun. It is one of the best kits for the musician in you. It is crafted with all wood construction, steel strings as well as a gloss finish, and including a nylon carrying case for portability, an extra set of strings for replacement. The durable electric acoustic guitar will be surely given you a real pleasure and bring out the guitarist within you.

Apart from saving you time and money by selling everything in one package, this guitar won’t break the bank. This makes it great for a beginner guitarist to learn the ropes without spending their life savings.

The blue colour is also pretty cool. It’s not a colour that you often see on guitars, and it goes well with the black scratchplate and controls on the front. If you want something that looks a little different, without being a freak, here it is.

As with many guitars bought new, you may need to give this guitar a setup when it arrives. This is something you can expect from any instrument when it is first shipped.

Also, the build quality could be better. If you’re expecting a complete work of art from this guitar, you’ll be a bit disappointed.

The Lagrima Electric Guitar Starter Kit is designed for beginners to learn the ropes. It’s a student guitar, or a practise guitar- it’s not a guitar for professional gigs, or to hang up and admire.

So, the quality of certain things- the tuners, nut, and bridge, pickups- could be higher. This was probably done to keep the price down, and sometimes you get what you pay for. The guitar will stay in tune for your daily practice session, but probably not if you’re playing for hours.


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