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The Martin Smith W-38 Acoustic Guitar kit provides you with everything the aspiring guitarist needs in one box. Made from wood the acoustic guitar measures 38 inches has steel guitar strings and an attractive high gloss finish.
To assist the beginner the package includes a handy guitar bag, a digital clip on tuner, a pitch pipe, guitar plectrums, spare strings and a guitar strap. In addition to giving you everything you need Martin Smith also provide you with access to free online face to face lessons to give you are helping and on your first steps of a musical journey.

The Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar Features

Acoustic guitar
A Complete Guitar Package

The company assure knowing the pain points one experienced when they learnt to play and as a result we have created a highly accessible acoustic guitar kit that looks great, feels amazing and caters for your every need when learning to play.

Beginner guitar
The Acoustic Guitar

With a body and neck that is made from 100% wood this acoustic guitar has been created by guitarists for guitarists. It generates a warm tone, has an easy to play action and both its size and body shape are designed to accommodate learners of all ages.

Guitarra acustica
Attention To Detail

The Neck of the Martin Smith acoustic guitar encompasses 19 frets and is made from wood. The Guitar strings present are steel which will hold there tune for longer and the gear heads are made of metal to withstand regular tuning.

The Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar Kit Includes

  • Guitarra
  • Guitar Tuner
  • This clip on tuner is clear, quick and can be clipped on your guitar for easy tuning.

First act guitar

Guitar Plectrum, Guitar Strings and Pitch Pipe.

A handful of extras that will help protect your fingers, tune on the move and replace any broken strings.

Guitar for beginners

Guitar Bag and Guitar Strap

Whether it’s playing or transporting the strap and bag included in the package make this a dream.

Take Lessons Live
kids acoustic guitar

Guitar for kids ages 5-9 Fun

You’ll take classes with actual LIVE, expert instructors – it’s not a boring, pre-recorded video! Imagine being able to interact, ask questions, learn, and get instant feedback from hand-picked professional teachers. They specialize in helping beginner and intermediate musicians just like you.

Guitarras Anywhere

No need to travel for lessons. Now, you can learn from anywhere – at work, at home, even outdoors! All you need is your phone or laptop and an Internet connection. Take as many live classes as you want at times that work with your schedule.

Youth guitar Live

Just follow instructions located inside your purchased instrument box.


  • The Complete Package: The Martin Smith W-38 acoustic guitar kit will be the ideal choice for beginner guitarists. Comprising of all you need in one box this package provides you with a 38 inch acoustic guitar, guitar bag, guitar tuner, guitar strap, spare strings, pitch pipe and guitar plectrums.
  • Acoustic Guitar: Martin W-38 guitar is constructed entirely from wood providing a warm and full sound and has 19 frets. The gearheads are made of metal and the guitar is finished with a stylish high gloss finish that compliments it ergonomic design.
  • Guitar Tuner: A must have for any budding guitarist, as with any new guitar strings will take a while to settle. This clip-on tuner means that you can be in tune in seconds, spending less time tuning and more time playing.
  • Guitar Accessories: The remaining items in this guitar package have all been designed for your convenience, the lightweight guitar bag means your guitar can come with you anywhere you go. The spare strings will cover you in case of a broken string. The strap, plectrums and pitch pipe are all provided to add comfort or suit your playing style.
  • Take Lessons: As a customer of Martin Smith you will receive two months of free access to the TakeLessons service, a set of online lessons where you are guided by live teachers in a one to one or class environment. All setup details are provided within your package.


  • Item weight is only 3.42 pounds.
  • Product dimensions are 33.1 x 12.2 x 3.5 inches
  • 1 Lithium ion batteries are required and are included in the set itself.
  • Hardwood body material
  • 6 strings attached
  • Fixed Guitar Bridge System


  • The guitar has all the necessary free accessories within the cost of the guitar.
  • A branded guitar is available at such an economical price which is really a big deal for guitarists.
  • There are a handful of extras also which will be as your backup in any situation.
  • The guitar's body is extremely durable and made of supreme quality.


  • The strings of the guitar aren't super strong so it might be an issue for you. Afterall, this guitar is cheap in price so it goes without saying that you won't get everything perfect.
  • The product is in high demand so maybe out of stock at some moments. Keep a track of the stock availability.


The guitar has an average rating of 3!7 stars out of 5 stars. Feedbacks and customers experience with this guitar has been more desirable than expected.


The guitar is readily available on online platforms and can be accessed through it.

The company is upon a famous vocalist, guitarist, producer and songwriter nine other than Martin Smith which gives the company its own publicity and trustworthiness. Therefore the guitar might be readily available in nearby stores too.

Final words

Martin Smith guitars are a popular choice, particularly for beginners looking for a cheap acoustic guitar to practice on.

The guitar comes with a digital tuner which makes it very easy to tune the guitar even for beginners. The guitar will give you an owner of good branded guitar feel while playing it.

The guitar cost is very economical and can be opted by beginners as well. Usually, Beginners don't like to spend a good amount of money on their first Guitar which is very reasonable and acceptable but this guitar is in range of beginners also and will prove out to be a good starter guitar.

This guitar is surely a go for beginners and intermediate players. Professional players won't have their cup of tea here maybe because of many additional and minor perfections that they look for.

I recommend Beginners and intermediate players to go for this guitar as it will be a good regarding price and quality both.


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