Oscar Schmidt OU5 is the best budget ukulele one could have in the range of under $200.

It is designed with a unique comfortable neck shape and with it’s Mahagony wood body and glossy body makes it attractive enough as compared to those in it’s range of guitars.

The Neck of this Ukulele is Constructed using Nyato and it’s fretboard which is made up of rosewood has 16 frets. The body of this guitar is shaped using “koa” which enables this ukulele to produce pleasant and beautiful sound also, it is easy and comfortable to hold this ukulele due to it’s ergonomic designing.
Overall the price of this uke is worth because of its solid appearance and playability.

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This ukulele is an affordable and quality ukulele which offers the best feature at the price under $200. Also, this guitar proves to be a beautiful concert size ukulele considering the price we totally suggest that beginners should prefer this ukelele over others in it’s category.


This concert size affordable ukulele is handcrafted using Hawaiin koa on top and back and it’s sides are bounded with abalone and rosette. It also contains 16 frets fingerboard made up of rosewood along with ABS nuts & saddle and Grover chromes for tuning. The shape of it’s neck and body makes it quite pretty and easy to handle the glossy finish on this guitar makes it more elegant and attractive.


This ukulele comes with high-quality Aquila strings which are the best in the brand and produces a more balanced tone. These nylon strings are durable and produce more traditional and smooth sound. The Hawaiin koa body resonates well with it and generates clean and clear notes and produces pleasant and crisp sound.


The great appearance, set up and sound quality makes it a wonderful concert size ukulele with a justifiable price. I would prefer this ukulele in it’s price range. Whether you are the beginner, mid-level or advance ukulele player, this guitar proves to be a safe and intelligent choice.

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