Stagg music could be a Belgian device company owned by Warren Lionel Hampton They manufacture a good vary of budget musical instruments, together with guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, drums, percussion, cymbals and brass instruments similarly as audio instrumentation.

Stagg’s big selection of guitars encompasses many various models, from acoustic to electrical via electro-acoustic. whether or not classical or rock, jazz or folks… there’s a Stagg stringed instrument for each occasion and for each budget. 

Guitar with solid alder body- Bolted-on maple neck – Maple fingerboard with aged varnish, material end – 3 single coil pickups – One volume management knob, 2 tone management knobs – five means pickup selector sheet – Classic tremolo bridge – Diecast nickel machine heads – NuBone nut – D’Addario wound nickel strings enclosed – Black with gloss end

Learn to play your favorite songs with this classic guitar from Stagg. The alder body and bolt-on maple neck gives a robust foundation for the opposite elements, whereas the maple fingerboard’s material end provides you a cushty surface for enjoying. 

Management the sound from the 3 pickups with a volume knob, 2 tone knobs, and a five-way electric switch. The tremolo bridge, NuBone nut, and formed machine heads allow you to keep the stringed instrument in tune in any respect times

How has the vintage stringed instrument market fared over the years?

Starting within the early ’90s, the vintage stringed instrument market went through a significant amount of growth that lasts up until the recession hit in 2008. the foremost dramatic modification came within the kind of a speculator bubble between the years of 2005 and 2008. 

Before the ’90s, the conception of the vintage stringed instrument wasn’t as cemented because it is these days. Sure, there have been prized instruments price over others, however it took the mix of variety of things to essentially drive costs as high as they got. 

Several observers note that the boom and bubble of pre-2008 represents a amountonce someone generation—the generation that came old-time with rock ‘n roll and also the rock band, and older the initial guitar boom within the ’60s—carried the foremost buying power against the scenery of a robust economy. 

This growth and increase within the market attracted speculators that caused the exaggerated growth simply before the recession.

Stagg SES50M-BK Vintage Style Electric Guitar with Solid Alder Body - Black​

What will the long run Hold for the Vintage stringed instrument Market?

If you may answer this question accurately, you’d stand to create a great deal of cash. like all investment or collectible market, it’s troublesome to predict precisely what is going to happen to the vintage stringed instrument game, although lots can attempt. 

Because the baby boomers carry less weight and get less, it stands that there’ll be fewer collectors shopping for, therefore lowering values. 

The concept is that the rising generation of potential patrons merely won’t carry a similar reverence or passion for the stringed instrument their folks did. For proof of this, merely activate any prime forty station.

Currently, we have a tendency to appear to be in one thing of a normalized tableland of stringed instrument values, although interest in specific brands or models will amendment. 

One fascinating development is the increasing interest in secondary vintage brands like Harmony, Guild, and Teisco. 

Since most of the very key picture guitars from Martin, Fender and therefore the remainder of the same old suspects got snagged up throughout the boom of the ’90s and early 2000s, the newer generation of guitarists have gravitated towards lesser illustrious models to induce their fix of authentic vintage magic. 

These Forms of guitars have exaggerated in price somewhat, although area unit still no wherever close to the vary we have a tendency to see for conventionally standard guitars.


  • Neck: Maple, bolt-on with quick access to the last frets
  • Fingerboard: Maple, 21 frets, aged varnish, textile end
  • Pickups: three x single coil
  • Controls: one x volume + two x tone
  • Pickup selector switch: 5-way
  • Bridge: Classic tremolo
  • Machine heads: Diecast, nickel
  • Nut: NuBone
  • Strings: D'Addario


  • The stringed instrument weighs 4.63 pounds.
  • It's dimensions square measure forty two * fifteen * five inches
  • The shipping weight is 4.63 pounds


  • Solid alder body and a maple neck.
  • Attractive guitar with the aged look/finish.
  • All tuners and electronics can be upgraded to your heart's desire and make it as good as you want.
  • Strong D'Addario Strings


  • Intonation needs to be set but all to be expected on any guitar no matter how much it costs.
  • The guitar is in high demand so you might have to wait a little longer to get it delivered at your home.


The guitar has an average rating of 5 out of 5.0. The response from the customers has been splendid and seems to fulfill their expectations to a large extent.


The company provides a bonus option to come back the instrument at intervals seven days if they do not appear to be proud of the service or quality with the whole refund. No queries area unit progressing to be asked but however constructive criticism area unit progressing to be most welcomed by our customers.


Check out the following video about this unbelievable guitar for more insight or information

Final words

Guitar itself is as expected. Solid alder body and a maple neck is one thing desired most by the guitarist be it an amateur or beginner. Attractive guitar with the aged look with stylish vantage body is extremely appealing. Needs a bit of fret work as fret ends are a bit sharp so it's one of the drawbacks. Intonation needs to be set but all to be expected on any guitar no matter how much it costs. This is a beginner/intermediate guitar out of the box but with the solid strong body and a maple neck with all tuners and electronics can be upgraded to your heart's desire and make it as good as you want. The strings of D'Addario makes it a stronger hold while playing and on the positive side doesn't make it fragile as well.

Everything about this guitar is outstanding. Looking at it draws you in because of it's vintage look and when played it just stands out. I own more than a few Strats. USA, Mexican, Squires (Classic vibes, Vintage Modified, Deluxe,) and they all play differently because of the pickups (Texas Specials, Rio Grande Vintage Tall Boys, Hot Rails, DiMarzios, etc). This one just adds to my collection and is always a warm true strat sounding player that I always enjoy playing.

Thanks Stagg for making this special guitar.


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