The Taylor 114 CE Acoustic Guitar is a guitar of high quality and affordable guitar that surpasses one’s expectations in several aspects like quality, appearance, and sound from more costly ones available in the market. This Taylor 114 CE guitar has plenty of features like having a Venetian cutaway for easy handling and Signature Expression System®  which captures more of a guitar’s dynamic properties by using a breakthrough behind-the-saddle design that make it worth for every penny spent on this Acoustic Guitar.

Unlike typical dreadnoughts which support only Flatpicking style of playing or only caters to fingerstyle players, This guitar responds well to both flatpicking and fingerstylist style of guitar playing.

The versatile body of this acoustic guitar is structured by blending the layered walnut back on the side and coupled with solid Sitka tonewood to yield more rich and responsive sound. The combination of layered walnut with Sitka spruce yields the more natural acoustic sound and clearly defined notes and provide the possibility for a wide range of tonal variations and hence leading to more smooth playing as well as eargamisc sounds.

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The layered wood construction uses three kinds of wood: Walnut on the top, poplar core in the middle with the sapele layer in inner side to provide a solid backbone for the dynamic and quality projections.
Also, the layered wood show resistance to the heat and other environmental changes and hence it has better durability and long life of the guitar.

The Sitka Spruce is used in constructing most of this guitar is a top quality, due to its perfect strength and elasticity which produce crisp articulation and supports to full strumming, flatpicking, and fingerpicking.

The gorgeous and beautifully crafted instrument has perfect shape and size for comfortable play also the string feels very gentle and smooth in fingers even at full strumming and fingerpicking. This guitar looks unique as it has stunning natural wood and varnished finish with black binding on the bridge.

The guitar is well structured with 20 frets equipped on the bridge and 6 tusk bone tuners placed on the headstock along Pearloid inlays dots which gives it a more elegant look. The tuners and tusk bone saddle create flawless intonations and variation of tones which affect the performance.

The ebony fretboard is equipped with bolt-on neck sapele that offers comfort to the player while performing at full strum and the bracing pattern gives it a solid look.

Traditionally, piezo crystal transducer has been used under the saddle that generates thinner, brash or brittle sound at aggressive strumming. The Taylor 114 CE features Expression System 2 pickup which is used behind the saddle instead of under the saddle pickup. The sensors in ES 2 are placed in such a way that captures dynamic acoustic sound and the new positioning of crystal amplifies the vibrating strings energy more naturally whether you are playing acoustically or plugged in.

The ES 2 operates through 9-volt battery component and have custom made equalizers adds more richness to the sound through easy-to-use volume, bass and treble controls.

Overall the ES 2 internal pickup controls the string vibrations to the fullest and offers full control of the instrument to the player. The Taylor 114 AG is engineered to cater all style players and produces more natural and well-defined notes having tonal balance and clarity of sound.

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