Whether you are a Beginner or advance guitar player you always look for a guitar that not only sound great but also has a solid build. Yamaha FG 800 Acoustic Guitar is quintessential when it comes to the features and value for money and also this guitar is voted as best guitar under $200 in our latest 2019 polls.

This Guitar is perfect for beginners and you can comfortably play this guitar as it is quite light and well-balanced to play while standing and doesn’t hurt your fingers like other cheap and low-quality guitars. This guitar is also considered best for the advanced player who needs the guitar for practicing and strumming as it has a longer life.

The sound quality is really exceptional as it has used standard rosewood in making of the equipment. With Sitka spruce on the top and Nato in the back & side, and rosewood in making bridge and fretboard with die-cast tuners these FG series sound louder than other guitars in the same category and produces a full rich sound pleasing to the ears.

Coming to its appearance, it looks classy, well built and solid As this guitar is having a dreadnought body with a natural gloss finish which does not fade away for years ,in fact the more this guitar is used the more it brings out the shine and charm of the guitar, its thin neck makes it easy to hold and even hang in tight spaces, the comfortable neck makes it easy to play barre chords.

Yamaha Dreadnought acoustic FG 800 is the improved version of DG 700 with a new bracing pattern. DG 800 features  Scalloped bracing which brings out the sound more naturally with better projections and sweet tunes.

This series of Yamaha Guitars has been around for about 50 years and this 800 Series has a louder and stronger sound in the low to mid-ranges, thanks to cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology developed by the Yamaha company’s research and development department. This new range of Yamaha acoustic guitars features the best-ever folk guitar tone and also at the same time offers great playability and class-leading build quality that’s the reason that this Yamaha guitar has made itself the choice of millions of guitarists.

Durability is another key factor to be considered when buying a guitar.
This guitar is very durable as it is made with rosewood and also has a natural  finish, so there’s no issue of paint of polish chipping off. With time, the tone and sound of this guitar become deeper and richer due to the quality material used in crafting this instrument.

All in all, this guitar is highly recommendable for the beginner and expert players alike, as it has great playability, design, and sound for the money it costs.

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