This lovely YMC 38″ occasional guitar set is a right choice ,if you are looking to start playing acoustic guitar.

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ymc beginner guitar

YMC Coffee Beginner Guitar.

This lovely YMC 38″ occasional guitar set is a right choice ,if you are looking to start playing acoustic guitar..

The 38-Inch guitar may be mistaken as small guitar, but that’s not the case, This YMC guitar is solely designed with keeping  beginner guitar players in mind. 

The small size makes of this guitar makes it easy play for kids or for those who are habitual to play on a small instrument. The battlewagon body of this guitar has an appealing appearance and is loved by a number of guitarists around.

This steel string stringed instrument is probably the most versatile and customary stringed instrument in it’s kind and this guitar is also featured in many alternative varieties of music as well as Country, Jazz, and Rock.

This steel string YMC guitar is built with  a wooden frame to give a natural tone output.


ymc beginner guitar review
YMC Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Key Features Of This Guitar

  • Small Sized item,makes it an ideal choice for newbie.
  • It is a perfect choice for beginners and students.
  • Linden Binding and Full Wood Construction with Chrome geared standardization.


  • This guitar weighs 2.8 pounds only
  • The dimensions of this guitar are 38.5 * 15 * 4 inch
  • The shipping weight of this guitar is 5.45 pounds(includes accessories,case,etc.)

What we like about this guitar.

  • This guitar is beginner-friendly therefore, you don't need to invest much time in learning or handling it.
  • It can be easily tuned by help of any mobile application, alternatively the tuner that comes along this guitar can also be used.
  • This YMC Guitar comes with lots of goodies like extra pair of strings, electronic tuner,pricks,etc. which makes it a perfect starter kit for beginners.
  • High Quality Snug built ensure it will last long with you.


  • It falls out of tune terribly quickly, which can be at times irritating as it will required tuning more frequently.


This YMC guitar has been consistently high rated on amazon with more than 4.5 stars out of 5. This is therefore a good beginner guitar starting price point.

Final words

This type of acoustic guitar is very conducive for a new beginner. It is very user-friendly and comfortable to use. This guitar also comes in various colors such as blue that makes it more attractive to look at.

Accessories such as a guitar strap, gig bag, and a pitch pipe , strap pin , etc. make it a perfect beginner guitar.


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